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What is PUR Hot Melt Adhesive

PUR (Polyurethane Reactive) hot melt adhesives are reactive moisture curing adhesives known for Strong Bonds and Exceptional Heat, Cold and Moisture-Resistance; this makes them an excellent choice for most difficult to bond, low energy substrates and they perform very well in extreme weather environments.

PUR Hot Melts can be Custom Formulated to have Very High Initial Tack and a Very Fast Set up time from a few seconds, or up to Several Minutes of Open Time before setting up. After PUR Hot Melt adhesive has been applied to a substrate it will start to cross-link and form afinal bond. Depending on air humidity and substrate moisture conditions, PUR Hot Melt develops 50-80 % of its final bond strength in approximately  3 –6 hours.  The full reactive cure time is normally 24 to 36 hours afterapplication.

PUR hot melts cure to a thermo-set material,maintaining their structural integrity once cured. PUR Adhesive has excellent temperature and environmental resistance – with standing exposure to temperatures from -40°F to +300°F.

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