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Legal notice of the cheap-copy binder!

As a professional manufacturer, our design are from our Korea company, moreover, we have focused on digital perfect binder for more than 25 years. Because of high quality and long service life, our machine is hot selling all over the world, especially in USA and Europe.

While,recently we found some cheap copy from other factories, most of them are from China, some are from other countries.

They might bought from our reseller, and then copy the design, their machine pictures are following:


443.JPG  444.JPG445.JPG

Customers must be very carefully when buying perfect binder, even though their machines have similar looking, they don’t have our key design, especially in pneumatic driving system, and digital controller.

We reserve the right to pursue the law. And we suggest these factories that pay more attention in self design and quality improvement, rather than copy from others.